Delivering High-Performance Enterprise Mixed Reality at Scale by Leveraging Cloud and 3D AI

4:10 PM - 6:00 PM

Rishi Ranjan | Gridraster Inc.


An enterprise-grade high-quality Mixed Reality (MR) requires both performance and scale. However, existing MR systems are severely limited in both aspects, thus severely restricting adoption and effectiveness of the medium. Enterprises are facing difficulty in computation with large 3D data sets at ultra-low latency; real-time collaboration and sharing across platforms; and complex 3D scene understanding in real-world environments. In this session you will learn how GridRaster uses its cloud-based (remote server based ) MR platform powered by distributed cloud architecture, ultra-low latency remote rendering and 3D vision-based AI to overcome these challenges and deliver high-performance MR at scale, specifically for aerospace & defense, automotive and telecommunication industry.


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