Aerospace & Defense

GridRaster is a AFWERX SBIR company. GridRaster’s technology provides a revolutionary platform for Commercial and Federal Aerospace & Defense industry to unlock the full potential of XR to facilitate faster and better repairs and maintenance, have context aware data presentations and visualization, and accurately display large scale ultra-realistic immersive simulations for training.

Some key features of the Unified and Shared XR Infrastructure Platform includes:

Figure:- GridRaster’s Unified and Shared XR Infrastructure Platform

  • Uses Modular and Open Systems Architecture for building and maintaining the system
  • Uses gaming technologies and gamification concepts
    • Massive multi-player, multi-platform, high-fidelity visuals and physics-based effects in AR/VR/MR, uses Unity 3D

    • Supports large virtual world without polygon reduction

  • Supports centralized management digital library
    • Re-use of 3D models and ensures data currency

    • Precise Orientation, Alignment, and Anchoring of Virtual World on real-world physical objects

  • Supports cloud-based agile and secure development, deployment and operations
    • Auto-scaling and deployment using Kubernetes; resource optimization and sharing

    • Multi-level security that addresses authorization, access and encryption

    • On-premise, public/private cloud, hybrid cloud deployment

  • Supports commercial-off-the-self hardware platforms
    • Multi-platform (Oculus Quest, HoloLens, iPad, PC); platform agnostic; cross- platform support

  • Supports highly secure remote training and instructions
    • Allows instructor(s) and training sites to be geographically separated from each other

  • Supports advance computer-generated entities within training/synthetic environments
    • Different terrains, virtual players and other entities to deliver a dynamic, robust, and challenging training environment closer to real-world mission

  • Multiple trainees in different simulations across a variety of simulated aircraft can interact in a shared environment. This environment may include instructors, related user fields (ex. air traffic control), other simulation environments, and is inherently flexible to expand or incorporate other external training environments

Modeling and Simulations

Provides a Unified and Shared XR Infrastructure for Ultra-realistic Simulations and Training

GridRaster’s XR Cloud Platform combines the best of gaming technologies and concepts with traditional simulator capabilities to enable high-quality, multi-user, multi-domain, multi-networked AR/VR/MR experiences on commodity off-the-self devices powered by distributed cloud computing, low-latency remote rendering and 3D Artificial Intelligence (AI) based spatial mapping. This lays a strong foundation for a unified and shared synthetic training environment that is flexible enough to allow for mission rehearsals of most types and intuitive enough to make training effective ensuring pilots and maintainers are trained better, faster and foster deeper learning.

Repair, Maintenance and Training

Enables high precision AR Toolset for most efficient and effective troubleshooting

GridRaster uses remote rendering and 3D AI to enable most accurate routing, clamping, abatement placement and hardware attachment. This helps hugely to increase maintainer accuracy and speed during field installations due to intuitive visual overlays and instant availability of desired information.

3D visualization and Real-time Collaboration

Affordable and Secure Ultra-low Latency Real-time End-to-End Collaboration in Mixed Reality

GridRaster’s XR cloud-platform enables ultra-low latency mixed reality environment for real-time collaboration across anywhere in the world, where users can interact, share and communicate in a more immersive and situationally aware environment. The platform delivers improved 3D visualization and mission planning capabilities, intuitive presentation of relevant and timely mission information, and new communication capabilities for geographically separated teams operating in a joint or multi-domain operation (MDO). Using GridRaster platform senior leaders can enter a virtual environment where they feel that they are in the remote operations center and can interact with the remote team as if they were in the same room. This includes viewing and interacting with individuals, sensor feeds, air vehicle status, GIS data, etc.. Also, the system is easily portable, so that the set-up can be created in remote areas of the globe and still use all its capabilities.