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Bringing High-end VR/AR on Mobile Platforms


GridRaster provides the underlying compute and network stack to power high-end VR/AR experiences on mobile platforms by leveraging the edge cloud. The solution provides high-performance graphics with ultra-low latency while hugely improving battery performance. The technology drives mass adoption of VR/AR by dramatically improving the reach of exciting content and bringing breathtaking new experiences to users. 

Our team

To deliver on our mission, we have a strong team of passionate technologists with proven track record in building, deploying network-based products and taking it to the market. The team has deep expertise in computer graphics, cloud computing, wireless infrastructure, video, mobile and software development with 10+ patents. Now working on defining future of VR/AR infrastructure for mass adoption.  

Customers & Partners

 We currently working with a select group of customers – leading VR/AR platform providers, top telcos, content studios and others in the industrial, aerospace, automotive, retail, gaming and entertainment.  

GridRaster technology works seamlessly with existing VR content creation technologies such as Unity, Unreal Engine, etc. If you are an enterprise customer, VR game developer or a content studio looking to unlease amazing high quality VR experiences on smartphones or smartglases, we can help.


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