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Secure Spatial Mapping, Recognition and Alignment for the XR Digital Thread

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    Scanning, Segmentation and Defect Detection and integration with SoR
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    Precision Tracking, Alignment, Interpretation and Recognition
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    Key Event: Live Workshop

    GridRaster presented to the DOD and Industry Partners at Robbins AFB. Read the executive summary and reactions.


GridRaster provides a unified and shared software infrastructure to empower enterprise customers to build and run scalable, high-quality eXtended Reality (XR) – Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) – applications in public, private, and hybrid clouds; and deliver these experiences on wireless mobile devices (such as HMD, smartphones, and tablets). GridRaster’s cloud based XR platform is powered by distributed edge computing, low latency remote rendering, and 3D Artificial Intelligence (AI) based spatial mapping; and has been built working with select large enterprise customers in aerospace, automotive, and telecommunication industries.
The platform provides superior performance, improved accuracy, and better scalability for enterprises through three core technical breakthroughs (figure below) with multiple patents:

Ultra-low latency high fidelity remote rendering

Uses distributed GPUs for graphics heavy computing for high-fidelity rendering without time-consuming polygon reduction, and wirelessly streaming the solution to headsets, mobile phones, and tablets. (100s of Million polygon)

Millimeter precision 3D AI based spatial mapping

Achieves accurate 3D spatial mapping with high fidelity 3D scene reconstruction, scene segmentation, and 3D object recognition using 3D computer vision and deep learning-based AI running on discrete GPUs on the server. This enables precise fusion of the real and virtual worlds, and persistent overlay of real objects and their digital twins with millimeter precision using custom 3D object tracking.

Auto scaling and deployment using DevSecOps

Applies gaming tools and concepts in a cloud native environment that allows for agile, secure, and rapid development, deployment, and operations on the cloud/on-premises. GridRaster uses Kubernetes for deployment and scaling. It follows a CI/CD pipeline for deployment of its services into the cluster following the best practices and CNCF graduated projects. This enables loosely coupled systems that are resilient, manageable, and observable, and future proof.

Easy API-based integration

GridRaster’s open architecture API-based approach enables a frictionless onboarding and seamless integration with existing content formats and provides future proof cross-platform support. This also allows the platform to integrate with other systems to share data and allow for interoperability. GridRaster solution uses standard APIs to input the customer content in their native format (Unity, Catia, AutoCad, etc.) and converts them to the correct format to perform the computation on the cloud. Sensor data from the devices – camera, depth, IMU – are also integrated into the software using standard APIs.


Enables Real-time Collaboration for Rapid Prototyping

XR provides powerful tool for real-time collaboration during the product design and engineering. It enables quick iteration on the ideas and concepts, clearer communication among team members and quick decisions. GridRaster cloud-based XR platform enables real-time collaboration on high-poly complex models and contents with precise overlays of virtual models on real-world on any commercially available mobile devices, HMDs, smartglasses and PCs in real-time.


Enables photo-realistic visualization and remote collaboration.

GridRaster helps to create a virtual environment close to real world settings, along with photo-realistic product visualization and real-time collaboration, so that the most effective environment can be created for remote maintenance, repair and training.


Manages ultra-realistic mixed reality simulations.

GridRaster combines the best of the gaming and traditional simulations to provide a massive multi-user and multi-platform ultra-realistic large world simulations in AR,VR and MR. It provides a cloud-based agile and secure deployment and operation that distributes complex computations across compute server nodes and handles scaling in real time using Kubernetes.

Aerospace & Defense




We are helping enterprises in aerospace & defense, automotive and telecommunications to improve productivity, reduce cost and increase revenues by effectively using VR/AR/MR. Currently, we are working with a select group of large enterprises, top telcos, large service providers and leading platform providers to bring high-quality immersive experiences.


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