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We enable industrial digital transformation with the power of AI, XR and cloud computing.


What we do

Industrial enterprises across aerospace & defense, automotive and manufacturing sectors encounter numerous obstacles in adopting and effectively utilizing immersive technologies. Traditional Mixed Reality (MR) systems often lack the performance and scalability required to seamlessly integrate into complex enterprise workflows.

GridRaster identifies and addresses these pain points head-on, providing innovative solutions to empower businesses in the following areas:

Understand the scene digitally

Computational "understanding" means overcoming the challenges of precise alignment, recognition and separation of objects. GridRaster's AI-enabled tool solves these critical challenges of enterprise XR.

Create practical XR content

Unlocking operational efficacy and readiness in aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing requires overcoming the challenge of transforming legacy paper-based manuals into practical and efficient 3D digital twin models.

Stream photorealistic XR experiences

Even as XR devices improve in computational power, resolution and field of view, lifelike experiences require ultra-low-latency rendering performance of large and complex models and precision. GridRaster leverages distributed high-power GPUs off of the XR device itself to ensure high-fidelity rendering without decimation.

Collaborate in real-time

Productivity scales exponentially by connecting people to each other and knowledge, and mixed reality systems often lack the collaboration capabilities needed to achieve real-world gains. GridRaster enables scalable multi-user engagement and real-time collaboration, regardless of device or location.


Ensuring Continuity of the Digital Thread

Fragmented 3D data and siloed XR content hinder enterprise-wide XR adoption. GridRaster bridges this gap by streaming 3D and XR content from a single source of truth, ensuring the latest data flows to any 3D/XR application throughout the product lifecycle.

How we deliver Digital Thread:

  • End-to-End Data Flow: Ensures that 3D data created once is accessible and usable across XR applications throughout the product’s lifecycle, including manufacturing, operations and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitates better collaboration and communication between different teams (e.g., engineering, manufacturing, maintenance) by providing a single source of truth. This eliminates errors and miscommunications.
  • Enhanced Traceability: Maintains a comprehensive asset specific record of the product’s history, including design changes, manufacturing processes, and maintenance activities. This traceability is crucial for quality control, compliance, and troubleshooting.
  • Real-Time Simulations and Feedback: Allows for real-time simulations and  feedback across the product lifecycle to ensure any errors are caught early and fixed. For example, data from the shop floor can inform design improvements or maintenance schedules.
  • Data Consistency: Ensures that all stakeholders have access to up-to-date and accurate 3D data, reducing the risk of working with outdated or incorrect data.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Streamlines scaling of successful XR programs and reduces redundancy, leading to more efficient operations and cost savings. By leveraging a continuous digital thread, organizations can optimize their workflows and make data-driven decisions.

Our Products

GridRaster Digital Twin

Create content 10X faster at 1/10th the cost

Rapidly scan and create 3D digital twins with commercial equipment, unlocking the potential of real-world data and immersive experiences.

  • Accelerated XR model creation
  • No need for exotic scanning equipment
  • Accurate model representation 

GridRaster AI-enabled Dynamic XR

Understand and align objects with millimeter accuracy

Leverage the growing power of AI to analyze and resolve some of XR’s long-standing functional challenges, powered by scalable computing infrastructure.

  • Precision markerless alignment
  • Object Recognition
  • Automatic Segmentation
  • Seamless Integration with 3rd-party systems

GridRaster Workspace

Scale XR sessions to thousands of users

Experience multi-user XR collaboration within a bespoke UI/UX environment, supplemented with real-time data from external sensors and data endpoints.

  • Enhanced communication and coordination
  • Seamless multi-user workflow integration
  • Ingest and display real-time data

Our Platform

GridRaster Spatial Computing Platform

Creates, Processes, Understands and Distributes 3D data Seamlessly

Empower your business with our platform’s spatial insights, seamless integration, continuous scaling, and centralized data management. Transform enterprise operations in manufacturing, training, and maintenance through the power of AI and Spatial Computing.

  • Flexible Deployment: Supports on-premises and cloud
  • Enhanced Security: Stream directly to devices 
  • Device Agnostic: Works with HMDs, PCs, and mobile devices
  • Data Integrity: Integrates with PLM systems
  • Third-Party Integration: Offers APIs for seamless integration with other XR solutions.
  • Searchable 3D Database: Enables object search and real-world overlays.

Who we work with

We help enterprises in aerospace & defense, automotive and telecommunications to improve productivity, reduce cost and increase revenues by effectively using VR/AR/MR.

We currently work with a select group of large enterprises, defense contractors, large service providers and leading platform providers to bring high-quality immersive experiences.

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