Gridraster WORKSPACE

In the realm of critical collaboration operations, such as those found in  effective collaboration and real-time information sharing are paramount for mission success. GridRaster Workspace offers tailored solutions specifically designed to enhance collaboration and facilitate real-time decision-making in dynamic operational environments.

Solving XR collaboration & productivity challenge

Gridraster Workspace allows multiple XR users to collaborate in real-time, and seamlessly review 3D data and live sensor feeds.

Existing 2D and 3D solutions often struggle to meet the demands of critical design, engineering and operating environments. These are further exacerbated with the difficulty of managing complex 3D model data in real-time across distributed teams.


  • High-fidelity, low latency rendering even with large datasets
  • Real-time collaboration and seamless information sharing
  • Precise 3D scene understanding and object manipulation
  • Scalability and flexibility for diverse deployment scenarios

Real-time Collaboration

 GridRaster Workspace enables seamless real-time collaboration among distributed teams, allowing personnel to interact and share information instantaneously. Whether in training simulations or mission planning scenarios, teams can collaborate effectively regardless of geographical location.

Scalable Multi-User Engagement

The platform supports scalable multi-user engagement, allowing teams to dynamically join and participate in collaborative sessions. From tactical planning sessions to strategic discussions, GridRaster Workspace ensures that all stakeholders are connected and engaged in real-time.

Dynamic Environment Simulation

Operators can create and simulate dynamic operational environments using GridRaster’s CMS, facilitating realistic training scenarios and mission rehearsals. With the ability to manipulate environments in real-time, teams can adapt to changing conditions and evaluate different courses of action collaboratively.

Watch Gridraster Workspace in action

Key Benefits of the Gridraster Approach

3D Scene Understanding

Enhanced situational awareness and decision-making capabilities


Stream data to qualified Workspace participants with no transmission of 3D IP.

Distributed Collaboration

Seamless collaboration in virtual XR environments across distributed teams and heterogenous devices.


Centralized, highly scalable infrastructure ensures low-latency to thousands of concurrent users.






Critical Use Cases


Large Area Scanning

In the realm of large area scanning, GridRaster Digital Twin stands at the forefront, pioneering advancements that redefine the possibilities of XR content creation.

Through our innovative technologies, we’ve enabled automatic mesh model generation of vast aircraft parts, facilitating seamless path planning for maintenance robots. Demonstrating our capabilities, we’ve showcased how these generated 3D models empower robots to execute intricate tasks such as painting, anomaly detection, and defect identification with unparalleled precision. 

Our solutions are not just about efficiency; they represent a paradigm shift in how industries approach maintenance operations. By streamlining processes and leveraging the power of automation, we’re empowering organizations to achieve new levels of productivity and reliability in their operations. 


Multiphysics Simulations

In the realm of multiphysics simulations, GridRaster Digital Twin provides comprehensive solutions that empower industries to tackle complex engineering challenges with confidence. 

Leveraging our advanced AI and XR technologies, we enable users to conduct sophisticated simulations that encompass diverse physical phenomena such as fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, and electromagnetic interactions. Our AI-enabled, Dynamic XR Spatial Computing platform facilitates the integration of these disparate disciplines, allowing for holistic analyses that uncover insights critical for informed decision-making. 

Whether it’s optimizing designs to withstand dynamic loads, conducting safety assessments, or exploring what-if scenarios, GridRaster’s multiphysics simulations offer unparalleled depth and accuracy.


Understanding the 3D Scene

GridRaster Digital Twin pioneers breakthroughs that revolutionize how industries interpret and interact with their environments. Through our state-of-the-art AI-enabled platform, we empower users to gain deeper insights into complex spatial data, facilitating enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, our solution provides unparalleled capabilities in scene classification, object recognition, and spatial mapping. This allows users to effortlessly generate detailed 3D models tailored to their specific use cases, whether it’s for manufacturing, maintenance, or training simulations.

By seamlessly integrating with existing workflows and providing open formats for data export, GridRaster Digital Twin ensures compatibility and interoperability across diverse applications.