(Past) I/ITSEC 2023 – November 25


We are leveraging the immense potential of XR, AI, and Cloud technologies to completely transform the landscape of modeling, simulation, and training across industries. Key use cases include:

  • Accelerated Digital Twin Creation: Using GridRaster 3D scanning technology, we create digital twins 10x faster and at a fraction of the cost, revolutionizing digital model production.
  • Advanced Cloud Streaming: Our cloud streaming technology enhances immersive experiences and enables enterprise-level deployment for wide-reaching impact.
  • Holographic Inspection for Defect Detection: We use holographic inspection and AI to detect defects, anomalies, and deviations, resulting in faster, more accurate inspections and reduced human error.
  • Real-Time Asset-Specific Digital Twins: We create asset-specific digital twins that integrate maintenance logs, detect defects, and include sensor data in real-time, enhancing asset management and operational efficiency.

Experience Unrivaled AI-enabled XR Demonstrations: Try our state-of-the-art XiL Simulation technology through immersive and real-time demonstrations. Seeing is believing, and we are certain you will value the experience.

Learn about our upcoming Product functionality: Be among the first to know about our latest in AI-enabled streaming, content creation, segmentation and precision AR alignment technology.

Meet GridRaster’s Founding Team: Our founders and executives will be present at the conference, offering you a unique opportunity to get to know us personally. We also invite you to Book A Meeting with us in advance of the show for private conversations and exploration of opportunities to partner together.


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